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The Making Chips Podcast is a community.

We interview inspiring Manufacturing Leaders, we discuss business best practices, and we feature experts in a variety of different categories from marketing to CAM to exporting to communication to HR to skills training and MORE. Jason & Jim discuss their challenges and bring some humor usually at each other’s expense.

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Solving day to day manufacturing issues

“Dirty on the factory floor” is a genuine affirmation that Jim & Jason are fully engaged in the ups and downs of day to day manufacturing issues throughout their entire facilities. These two have also become good friends who share their successes and failures in work and life. They are often heard saying “I got your back” and mean it. Many listeners have reached out and developed a rapport with them that has grown into friendships and continues to strengthen the entire MakingChips community.

Jim is the owner of CARR Machine & Tool, Inc., a 2nd generation high precision CNC machine shop. Jim has lived and breathed the machining industry since he could turn the crank on a Bridgeport where he learned Machinist Proverbs, such as “If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money.” Jim enjoys music, bold red wines and bouncing between the suburbs and the city with his wife to visit their 3 grown children.
Jason and his wife, Amanda, live in Chicago with their family of little Zengers. The ZENGERS Industrial Team of metalworking specialists decrease costs and increase the productivity of metalworking clients by applying the best tooling for the job and utilizing vending & tool crib management technology while Jason plays podcast host. Jason and his family are very active with their church where they seek to see the City of Chicago transformed.

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