What makes MakingChips unique is the fact that we are in the trenches getting dirty, leading, managing, designing, solving problems and pushing productivity.  MakingChips is here for us to report back from the factory floor to tell you what worked and what didn’t work…we tell you the mistakes we made and what we are excited to try.  We want to understand your problems and leverage this community to find a solution. Our goal is to equip manufacturing leaders and for those leaders to influence others in the manufacturing industry. Jim is the 2nd generation owner of a high precision CNC machining company with customers in industries such as aviation, medical and automation equipment. Jason and his team work every day to solve machining problems and increase the productivity of metalworking customers.


Jim Carr

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I’m Jim, the other guy co-hosting this podcast. Glad to have you here to hear us.

What the heck do I know about podcasting? Well, I’m a little green; microphones, mixers, editing, uploading, downloading, iTunes, Sticher, intros and outros, it certainly has been an education. I’m always looking for new ways to expand my skill sets and try out-of-the-box ideas. That’s how you grow. Jason and I are passionate about this project and believe we have a lot to share with other manufacturing leaders. Plus, we do like to talk.

What do I know about manufacturing? A ton. It’s in my blood been out there in the shop for over two decades.  Here’s the low down; my dad founded a machine shop way back in 1972 with a Bridgeport milling machine and Cincinnati lathe in the garage of our suburban Chicago home. He encouraged me to join the family business at a young age, as I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

So I evolved…..Yes, I got dirty, I cleaned those stinky coolant tanks, cut my fingers, drilled into the mill table, crashed the CNCs, went cold calling door to door (yuck!), hired and fired employees, and bought new equipment. More recently, a networker, marketing guy, thought leader, visionary and mentor to a new generation of manufacturing professionals. I’ve been through many recessions and times of solid growth and prosperous years. So, I consider myself an expert in this industry.  Listen to me and tell me if you agree.

If you want to read the resume version of me, go to my LinkedIn page and if you’re not already connected, better request me.


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I listen to a lot of podcasts (currently 89 different podcasts to be exact – some regularly, some sporadically – from 1 minute to 3 hours long).  I noticed there were a lot of podcasts about business, marketing, politics, religion, sports, etc., but no podcasts about the business of CNC machining.  I knew that our industry needed to be represented, so Jim and I started on this journey of MakingChips after appearing as guests together on a business radio show.

What do I know about manufacturing?  A lot…not as much as Jim or even some of the veteran application engineers on my team, but I spend a lot of my time on the plant floor working with the owners, engineers, production managers and tool crib attendants to discuss their problems and what they want to achieve for the company that they own or work for.

My company lives and dies by manufacturing.  I share your highs and lows.  I serve the machining industry in a profession that is intimately tied to your success, but I bring a different perspective than my co-host.  I see manufacturing on a daily basis through the eyes of machine shops, production machining, mold making and OEMs when we apply the latest in cutting tools and workholding technology.

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