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MakingChips MarketingForMakers Julie Poulos Red Caffeine Episode 126

MC126: Where to Begin with Making the List

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Hello Metalworking Nation! We are pleased to bring you another episode in our #MarketingForMakers series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology. On today’s episode we welcome back Red Caffeine’s Julie Poulos along with Dan Mantilla and Natalie Dubs as they help you answer the question — “Who Do I Market To?”

Where do you start? It starts with a list! Julie and her team cover the four challenges that most mid market manufacturers face when figuring out who to market themselves to. We’ll share some strategies that you can use right now to begin building up your brand and targeting leads.


Episode Outline:
[00:01] – IMTS 2018
[06:08] – What’s New With Jason & Jim
[07:38] – Welcome Julie Poulos
[09:48] – The Four Challenges
[14:03] – Buyer Data
[16:50] – Segmenting Your Lists
[21:10] – Building Up Your Brand
[22:13] – Creating Meaningful Content
[24:10] – Identifying Contacts
[30:15] – Direct Contact

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
MC118: Considerations for Marketing Planning
Natalie Dubs | LinkedIn
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MC118: Considerations for Marketing Planning

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Hello Metalworking Nation! We are excited to bring you another episode in our #MarketingForMakers series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology.  Today we welcome back Julie Poulos (Vice President) and Kacey Keegan (Content Writer & Strategist) as they equip you with the key elements to consider when planning your marketing strategy. Topics on today’s episode include: creating a campaign theme, developing and distributing content, showcasing your company culture, and determining a marketing budget.

Episode Outline:
[00:00] – GFMC 2017 Conference
[03:40] – Welcome Back Julie & Kacey
[04:50] – Campaign Concept
[09:00] – Branding and Strategy Phase
[10:30] – Frequently Asked Questions
[11:50] – Case Study
[15:40] – Showcasing Culture
[20:30] – Providing Solutions
[24:15] – P.R. Opportunities
[26:43] – Tracking Leads and Budgeting
[29:35] – Shifting Our Philosophy

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Red Caffeine | Blog: Key Considerations in Marketing Planning
Red Caffeine | Content Marketing Planning Calendar
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
Kacey Keegan | LinkedIn
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MC114: Identifying Your Marketing Technology Stack

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Hello Metalworking Nation! We are happy to bring you another episode of our #MarketingForMakers Series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology. Today we welcome back back Julie Poulos as she introduces Red Caffeine’s Founder & CEO — Kathy Steele.

On this episode of MakingChips, we focus on integrating technology into your business. Kathy and Julie walk us through some starting points that will equip and inspire you to identify gaps in your business technology stack. Today’s discussion features an array of topics including: integrating platforms, examining financial insights, systemizing talent management, and getting your operations in order.

Episode Structure:
[04:08] – Record Download Month
[05:05] – Summertime in Chicago
[07:50] – Welcome Julie Poulos and Kathy Steele
[10:46] – Forbes Article by Kathy
[13:55] – ERP, CRM, KPI’s and Other Acronyms
[18:36] – Identifying the Gaps
[21:06] – Building Bridges
[22:14] – Systemizing Talent
[25:30] – CRM Integration
[31:00] – Tech Audit and Financial Insights
[34:05] – Get Your Operations in Order
[35:56] – “Love Your Lathe”

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Forbes Article by Kathy Steele
Julie Poulos |LinkedIn
Kathy Steele | LinkedIn
Red Caffeine’s “Biz” Tech Stack
Red Caffeine | Tech Audit

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MC105: Use Interviews to Discover Your Brand and Get More Business

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How well do you know your customers and their needs? And, how well do you meet those needs? The only way to accurately pinpoint the most important expectations of your clients and how you are performing against them is to hear it directly from them. On today’s episode, we talk about interviewing current, prospective and lost clients.

We welcome back Julie Poulos, Kacey Keegan, and Jimmy Merritello with Red Caffeine Marketing+Technology for our MakingChips Marketing Series. They share some valuable information about surveying your clients to help you better understand the collective voice of your customers. In manufacturing news, we’ll discuss the current state of the manufacturing economy and efforts to restore U.S. manufacturing to its former glory.

Episode Outline:
[01:11] – DMG Mori
[03:39] – Manufacturing News
[06:16] – MachineMetrics
[07:35] – Welcome Back Julie
[12:40] – Feedback Loop
[15:00] – Great Success Stories
[18:09] – It All Starts with a List
[20:12] – Buying Trigger
[23:00] – Pain Point
[26:12] – Surveys
[28:59] – Buyer’s Persona

Mentioned in this Episode:
DMG MORI – Innovation Days
Manufacturing News
Machine Metrics – 10% Off
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
Kacey Keegan | LinkedIn
Jimmy Merritello | LinkedIn
Survey Monkey
Red Caffeine Keystakeholder Interviews Question Set Template | PDF Download 

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MC101: Using Competitive Analysis to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Hello, Metalworking Nation! We are excited to team up with Julie Poulos and Red Caffeine Marketing to bring you an exclusive MakingChips Marketing episode.

On today’s show, we welcome two guests from Red Caffeine; Kacey Keegan and Dan Mantilla. Kacey- Content Writer & Strategist, shares her knowledge on Image and Brand Messaging. Dan – Digital Strategist, takes us through Digital Competitive Analysis and highlights what you can do to identify keyword opportunities in your company.

In Manufacturing News, we talk about Mars Candy’s plans to reinvestment $70 million in U.S. manufacturing.

Episode Outline:
[02:25] – Manufacturing News
[05:50] – Jim Carr’s Business Succession
[07:10] – Marketing Mistress
[12:41] – Getting started with competitive analysis
[19:00] – Service and Industry Matrix
[21:37] – Digital Competitive Analysis
[25:10] – Direct Competition

Mentioned in this Episode:
Manufacturing News
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
Kacey Keegan | LinkedIn
Dan Mantilla | LinkedIn
Red Caffeine + MakingChips | Competitive Analysis Template

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MC095: Start Here First To Begin Marketing A Manufacturing Company w/Julie Poulos

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Hello Metalworking Nation! On today’s episode of MakingChips, we reunite with two time guest and longtime fan of the show, Julie Poulos, Vice President of Red Caffeine Marketing. Julie, better known as Vice Princess, Mistress of Marketing and/or Social Butterfly, loves sharing her passion for marketing + technology with anyone who is looking to move the needle in their business. Today she’ll share some of her marketing knowledge that will help you develop a strategic plan for your company; starting with establishing a client profile.

Topics on today’s episode include evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, analyzing new opportunities, understanding pain points, setting realistic goals, and telling your company story. In manufacturing news we’ll talk about the jump in manufacturing and how it compares to the heath of the economy.

New Year, New Goals … It all starts here.

Episode Structure:
[04:00] – Manufacturing News
[05:20] – Business at ZENGER’S
[06:45] – Exciting News at MakingChips
[09:30] – Welcome Julie Poulos
[15:50] – Take a Step Back
[18:20] – New Year New Goals
[21:55] – Self Examination
[24:30] – Realistic Opportunity
[27:17] – Business Strategic Goals
[29:00] – Pain Points
[32:45] – Big Fish, Mid-sized, and Guppies
[35:15] – Exporting Data
[38:12] – How Are You Telling Your Story?

Mentioned in this Episode:
Manufacturing News
Julie Poulos | LinkedIn
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Client Profile Template

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MC085: How your Company Story Leads to Relationship Building w/Julie Poulos

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Welcome to another episode of MakingChips. On this episode, we welcome Julie Poulos of Red Caffeine back to our show. Julie talks with us about the importance of telling your company’s story while building relationships. We also discuss takeaways from IMTS, marketing automation, and Julie shares some tips on prospecting. Early on in the show we welcome Chuck Rigali of Alro Steel to our MakingChips studio to talk about Super Square precision mill blocks.

Episode Structure:

  • [00:15] – Episode Preview
  • [02:49] – New Wave of Manufacturing
  • [03:57] – Welcome Chuck Rigali
  • [05:46] – Super Square
  • [07:40] – Square and Parallel
  • [08:40] – Raw Material
  • [10:16] – Costs
  • [11:23] – Julie Poulous
  • [12:04] – Takeaways from IMTS
  • [13:15] – Telling Your Story
  • [15:04] – Making a Connection
  • [17:05] – Organizing and Analyzing
  • [19:45] – Marketing Automation
  • [21:11] – Episode Conclusion

Mentioned in this Episode:

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MC022: Taking your corporate snapshot [Podcast]

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Manufacturing leaders know what they do because they do it every day. But how do you communicate your areas of specialty and expertise in a concise, powerful way so that your prospective clients are able to get it right off? That’s what a corporate snapshot is for.

In this episode of Making Chips, Jim and Jason roundtable with 2 guests who understand the importance of communicating via the corporate snapshot. Their guests are Julie Poulos (a previous guest from episode 19 of Making Chips) and Ray Ziganto (another previous guest – episode 18 of Making Chips).

Here’s a brief summary of 4 important questions that a corporate snapshot should answer:

  1. Who we are – concise conversational “elevator pitch”
  2. What we do – defining the “buckets” and descriptions for each of the products and/or services
  3. Who we serve – industries/markets and/or buyer types
  4. Why we do what we do better – competitive advantages and/or differentiators

When you’re able to clearly and accurately define and express those 4 key issues about your company you unlock the power to do a couple of very powerful things…

  • You’re equipping your employees to become “sales people” through a clear vision of what you do as a company.
  • You’re able to more quickly identify your target clients and engage them in relevant conversations about their needs.
  • You’re better able to serve your clients through knowing exactly what your services can do to meet their needs.

This episode of Making Chips is full of practical, powerful advice about why you need your own corporate snapshot and how you can develop one. Listen in to the conversation to get started on your own corporate snapshot!

Here’s the outline of the conversation about corporate snapshots

  • Introduction of the guests on this episode.
  • Metalworking tools.
  • The number one tool in your toolbox – a corporate snapshot.
  • The objective of a corporate snapshot.
  • How a corporate snapshot is the “home” for your elevator pitch.
  • 4 crucial components of a corporate snapshot – What we do – Who we are – Who we serve – Why we do it better.
  • Defining each of those 4 points in order to determine your marketing approach and target your message.
  • How a corporate snapshot empowers your employees to serve the customer.

Links mentioned on this episode

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Tweets you can use to tell others about the benefits of a corporate snapshot

Cut-out of the Bi-Link Corporate Snapshot:

Bi-Link Corporate Snapshot Cut

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MC019: Marketing Lesson #1 – Brand Strategy for your Manufacturing Company with Julie Poulos [Podcast]

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In this episode, we interview Julie Poulos about the brand image of your manufacturing company and why strategy is most important.

  • Being “the best kept secret” should NOT be your goal.
  • Why starting with a new website or a new logo is NOT the right first step.

Marketing Steps:

  1. Competitive Analysis
  2. Interviews
  3. Online Analytics
  4. Influencer Identification
  5. Develop the Plan

We want you to be better informed as you engage with a marketing firm.

In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss multiple articles that cite a slow down in business for the beginning of 2015.