MC051: Additive Manufacturing

By December 24, 2015 VIP Guests

Some people think additive manufacturing will radically change the face of manufacturing. Although it is still a relatively new technology, additive manufacturing (also referred to as 3D Printing) has caused quite the buzz in the manufacturing community. Will additive manufacturing eventually become the way of the future, or has it’s usefulness been overhyped?

“Additive can not do its adding anywhere near as fast as machining can do it’s subtracting.” – Peter Zelinski

In this episode of MakingChips, we welcome back Peter Zelinski of Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Peter, Jim, and Jason discuss all things Additive Manufacturing, as well as the importance of manufacturing discussion among the presidential candidates.

“Manufacturing happens in small facilities.” -Peter Zelinski

Episode Outline:

  • [00:17] – Episode Preview
  • [01:26] – Welcome Back Pete
  • [02:00] – What Guided Pete to Manufacturing?
  • [05:30] – Additive Manufacturing
  • [07:50] – Is Additive Manufacturing Overhyped?
  • [11:30] – Additive Manufacturing Under the Radar
  • [13:00] – Modified Machines
  • [15:01] – Can Additive Encourage Domestic Production?
  • [18:00] – Presidential Candidates and Manufacturing
  • [22:40] – Prototyping vs Production
  • [24:00] – Additive vs Machining
  • [27:30] – Call to Action for Listeners
  • [29:45] – How to Reach Peter Zelinski

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  • dave lessard says:

    Great podcast on Additive!. Pete Zelinski is a highly respected member of the community, what a great guest to have. I attended the additive manufacturing conference put on by Gardner in Knoxville this past October. The conference was fantastic because Gardner did a great job of bridging the traditional machining world and AM. I also got a chance to speak with Pete while I was there.
    We are currently looking into additive technology for building jigs and fixtures. What I have found echo’s what you stated in this podcast about the hype that you as an implementer have to do to communicate this to other members inside your organization. If you hold your expectations reasonable you can be successful with additive. I will say that it’s thought that there are less constraints on how one can design a part to be built with AM. While this is true in some ways you still need to design for manufacturability in AM, perhaps in a greater way. Today you design for them to be built by subtractive (machining) techniques which constrains you on features like corner radii, channel sizes etc. When designing for additive you don’t have to think of these things, but now you need to think of things like printing support structures and how that will effect your output. Point being is you are still constrained to designing for manufacturability to the process, but the freedoms will be bigger, they are just different and take time to learn.
    What is great about 3d printing is it brings “making things” to the masses and I believe this will translate into the younger generation and bring them to the manufacturing world.

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