MC087: #IMTS_Orphans w/Ray Ziganto

On today’s episode of MakingChips, we welcome back our good friend Ray Ziganto, President of Bi-Link, to the show. Bi-Link is a global mechanical component supplier that specializes in Stamping, Injection Molding, Die Cut, EMI/RFI Shielding, and  Assembly. Today’s topics of discussion include advancements in manufacturing technology, 3D measurement systems & scanners, and IMTS “Orphans”. Later on we shift the conversation to marketing analysis, strengthening business relationships with your top customers, and product development.
Episode Structure:
[02:10] – Mecca of the Industry
[03:30] – Welcome Ray Ziganto
[05:08] – Advancements in Technology
[08:30] – 3D Systems & Scanners
[13:05] – IMTS Orphans
[16:04] – The Marketing Pendulum Swings
[18:10] – Analyzing Marketing Results
[21:08] – Separating from a Customer
[23:20] – Ray’s Product Development
[25:50] – Conclusion of Episode
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