MC109: What’s Your Archetype? – Developing Your Brand Identity

MAKINGCHIPS Red Caffeine Episode about Archetype

There are 12 Master Brand Archetypes. Which one are you?

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are thrilled to bring you another episode in our MakingChips #MarketingForMakers Series with Red Caffeine. On today’s episode we welcome two special guests from Red Caffeine; Shannon Callarman – Content Director and Danny Wyse – Graphic Designer. We’ll hear Shannon explain what Archetyping is, and what it says about you and your brand identity. Later on, we’ll hear Danny talk about developing logos, and putting a face to a brand that represents your business. In manufacturing news, we talk about continued growth in South Carolina’s manufacturing sector.

Episode Outline
[00:01] – MachineMetrics
[03:00] – Manufacturing News
[05:13] – Quarterly ZENGER’s Meetings
[07:05] – Core Values at Carr Machine
[10:00] – We Hug it Out
[14:05] – Welcome Shannon
[15:34] – The Art of Branding
[16:05] – Archetyping
[22:04] – Look Into Your Archetype
[26:04] – Welcome Danny
[29:18] – Mood Board
[35:05] – The Value of Trust
[39:43] – What Are Your Goals?

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Manufacturing News
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Danny Wyse | LinkedIn
What’s Your Archetype?
Filtering The Brand Experience – Phase 1
Filtering the Brand Experience – Phase 2
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