As the Owner of CARR Machine & Tool and President of ZENGERS Industrial Supply, we are pitched a lot to try out the latest in tooling technology, grades, coatings, etc (as many of you are too).  We believe that tooling technology is vital for the competitiveness of the Metalworking Nation (go faster, run more efficiently), so we would like to shine the light on tools that can help.

We are going to expand the Metalworking Tools segment in the future within the podcast and here on the website.  ANYONE can leave a comment with recommendations on this page (whether you represent the company or not), we just ask that you reference the website for the product.

Here are some thoughts about products that we will feature on Metalworking Tools:

  • Will it help the Metalworking Nation to go faster or run more efficiently?
  • Does the product have representation in the greater Chicago (USA) area? – we need to see it before we feature the product.