What is a Podcast?

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When I tell people in the manufacturing industry that we are starting a podcast to equip manufacturing leaders, I frequently get asked “What is a podcast?”.  Listening to podcasts is surging in popularity, but the majority of people have never listened.

The word “podcast” is a combination of “broadcast” and “iPod.”  You don’t need an iPod or an iPhone to listen to a podcast.  Jim uses an android device, I use my iPhone.

If you have a radio in your car, you have probably listened to a radio show.  A podcast is another way to broadcast a show (over the internet instead of over radio signals).  What is great about podcasting is that you can listen to shows about a niche, such as manufacturing, that was previously unavailable because of the impediments to broadcasting over radio signals.  My podcast player is fed 89 different podcasts that are automatically updated daily covering a variety of niches that are not available on the radio.

My iPhone came standard with a free podcast player that works very well, but you can also download more advanced players for a small charge.  The Android platform has a variety of podcast players available for download.

Once you set up your podcast, it is delivered to your device over the internet, so you can listen whenever you want.  The most popular format for a podcast is MP3 (you’ve probably heard of MP3 in terms of music formats), but podcasts are also available in video format.  You don’t have to download, you can also stream, but now we are talking technicalities.

If you don’t want to hassle with a podcast player on your phone (it’s really easy, hardly a hassle), you can listen to most podcasts through a traditional web browser.  More advanced podcast shows will stream live shows where you can interact with them during the recording process.  We don’t have plans to record MakingChips live because Jim and I are going to batch record; however, we intend to answer your questions during episodes of MakingChips.

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