What? You’re Recording a Podcast?

By September 2, 2014 Uncategorized


True, only 40% of America even knows what a podcast is. So why am I so fully committed to this project? Honestly, when my colleague and friend, Jason Zenger, pitched the idea of co-hosting a manufacturing podcast back in November 2013, I was a little wary. The whole process and the technical aspects seemed intimidating. But, when he informed me that there were no relevant manufacturers recording, a light went off in my head.

I enjoy being a thought leader and trailblazer in my industry. Being different gets you noticed and doing something out-of-the-box often always makes you grow. Years ago, when people thought a tweet was something a bird did, I was doing the modern version; uploading and commenting on pictures of machined parts on my corporate Facebook page. Those efforts have proved very successful so, podcasting looks to be the next big thing.

The experts predict the format is on track for an explosion.

With nearly 80% of Americans using smartphone technology in 2014 and with the ease and speed of downloading, combined with Bluetooth connectivity in our cars, the medium is poised for super success.  Soon, you won’t even need your smartphone to listen to a podcast; it will simply download to the audio system in your car, which will make listening to a podcast as simple as listening to the radio.

People want to hear from other people. They want a peer to peer experience; learn from experts in their industry and connect on their own level. Look at the popularity of panel discussions in recent years.

Jason and I will be bringing together decades of manufacturing business experience.

Our show will be quality conversation about our successes and failures; technology, business succession, vision, networking, marketing, operations, HR and all other leader concerns. All focused from a manufacturing perspective. Often, we will bring in experts in that show’s topic to elevate and educate our listeners.

The upfront time has certainly been arduous, but we believe in this project and know it can be wildly successful. We are experts in our industry, authentic, real-world manufacturers. We are excited to share all levels of our business experiences which can truly benefit our peers.  We invite you join in our conversations and keep MakingChips.

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