The Women in Manufacturing Podcast!

The MakingChips Podcast has naturally taken on a discussion of women in manufacturing starting with Manufacturing News in Episode 4 and our first interview in Episode 5.  As we discuss on the MakingChips Podcast, women bring a different thought process to the manufacturing industry.  Men and women are wired differently, solve problems differently and complement each other in the workplace.  Below is a list of episodes where we place the spotlight on Women in Manufacturing.

MC004 – We discuss the changing image of women entering the manufacturing industry during our Manufacturing News segment.

MC005 – We interview Stacey Bales, President of Bales Metal Surface Solutions – this is a tear-jerker!

MC008 – During our Manufacturing News segment, we talk about how a welding job changed the life of one mother.

MC011 – This is mostly about robots (not women robots, just robots), but we briefly discuss the idea of Brian’s daughters managing an entire shop full of robots working side by side with his team.

MC026 – Patricia tells her story of going back to the family manufacturing business after a successful  career as a Bio-Tech Marketing Executive.

MC028 – This is a follow up episode where Patricia lends some thoughtful advise from the perspective of someone who just arrived in the manufacturing industry.

MC039 – Michelle discusses her manufacturing dreams and aspirations.

MC048 – Heidi Schmid (and her brother) grow their business while living all across the country.

MC054 – Elena Valentine explains human-centric hiring to connect potential employees to companies.

MC055 – Elena is back to teach Jim and Jason how to go beyond a resume for hiring.

MC059 – Erica Wiegel stamps out a new vision on her own.

MC073 – Cassie Haupers is passionate about her company culture and the beauty and intricacy of Swiss machined parts.

MC078 – Karla Dobbeck tells professional machinists what they should and should not have on their resume.

MC083 – Elena tells Jim and Jason about the Smartforce Student Summit and the resurgence of the maker movement – #Maker.

MC084 – Meghan West is leading the future of CAM software in her family business.

MC085 – Julie, who is already part of the MakingChips family, teaches us the benefits of creating a brand story.

MC088 – Nicole Wolter discusses the new ways of the new generation with Jason and Jim.