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But what does that mean? It means we go out of our way to make it easy. We know how to talk shop. We know the ins and outs of running a business and a CNC machine. Our content is relevant and necessary to help with the growth and elevation of manufacturing leaders.We aren’t just the people speaking to manufacturing leaders, we ARE manufacturing leaders.

Jason Zenger

Meet Jason

Looking at one of the leading industrial supply, metalworking tooling specialists, and tool crib management providers, you wouldn’t guess it all started from a humble hardware store founded in 1951 by Jason’s grandparents. Throughout his 22 years, Jason poured his heart and passion into the company and transformed it into a values-driven organization that delivers meaningful business solutions to his customers.

Jason has done it all, from the shop floor to top management. Just don’t ask him to weld a bandsaw blade himself, he hasn’t gotten the chance to learn that yet. But managing his family business wasn’t enough, Jason held leadership roles in the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) and Affiliated Distributors.


Meet Nick Goellner

Combining his passion for content marketing and metalworking, Nick knew that he had the means to help manufacturers succeed. As a longtime listener and friend of the Makingchips podcast, Nick saw the opportunity to join Jason in the summer of 2018 and join the quest to Equip and Inspire the Manufacturing leader. Nick leads a team of industrial marketers at Makingchips helping build and execute results-driven content marketing strategies for our customers.

Nick is a C.M.T.S.E. (Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer) and writes about industrial content marketing as a member of the Forbes Communications Council. He serves on the advisory board for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Northern Illinois University.

+ Our Shop-Tested Team

A perfect blend of industry professionals and marketers, our team is built to bridge the gap between the shop floor and the online world.

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