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  • Passionate craftsperson:
    • Manufacturers are passionate about their craft -- And we're no different. We may not be making machined parts, but we are designing and building the growth engines that help sell them, and that's what gets us revved up.

  • High character characters:
    • Be who you are and enjoy what you’re doing, but keep it classy; If you're going to be an influencer -- be a positive one.

  • Content cultured:
    • We are always telling stories and thinking how can we repurpose those stories; content is our product. We’re well cultured when it comes to content; we know our trade, we’re thought leaders in our space.

  • Intelligent designers:
    • Everything we create is created on purpose and for a purpose. We're content producers that produce thoughtful, high-quality programs that drive results

  • Multi-dynamic:
    • We made this word up, and that's why we like it. We thrive off our differences and we don't take ourselves too seriously. In an always changing, marketing agency we have to be a team of creative and multi-faceted individuals
  • Cutting-edgy:
    • If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money, and you have a hard time making chips without a cutting edge. Our content is never a commodity. We believe 'different' is always better than 'better'.

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Who We Are
MakingChips has provided interviews, information and inspiration for the last four years. Realizing how challenging manufacturing can be led Jim and Jason to seek out wisdom and knowledge from other leaders.
Now, MakingChips has become a full service agency to serve manufacturers so they can experience greater success through marketing and sales.
We are growing quick and will continue to strive toward the mission that has driven us from the very beginning... equipping and inspiring the manufacturing leader.
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