Jim Carr

As a second-generation manufacturing business owner, Jim Carr has embraced the opportunities and challenges of managing the CNC machine shop that his father founded in 1972. After 26 years of experience working full-time with his father, in 2004 Jim then became sole shareholder and President of CARR Machine & Tool. He has steadily grown and evolved the business through innovative thinking and action and is driven to leave a legacy for the third generation.Jim’s experience includes full knowledge of GDT, conventional machining, CNC programming and CAD/CAM systems, as well as administrative expertise in procurement, operations, human resources, business development, marketing and public relations. In addition to his role at CARR, Jim has held a variety of leadership and advisory roles with the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA), Harper College, and the Village of Elk Grove.Jim enjoys music, robust red wines, skiing, and first-class travel with his wife of many years.

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Jason Zenger

As president of ZENGER’S, Jason has helped transform the hardware store founded by his grandparents in 1951 into a leading industrial supply, metalworking tooling specialist and tool crib management provider. He is passionate about leading a values-driven organization that delivers meaningful business solutions to his customers. He leads the company’s vision, develops new ideas, coaches the team to high performance and solves big issues. Jason has 20 years of experience and has performed every role in the company with the exception of bandsaw blade welder and tool repair mechanic.Jason earned his degree in engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. In addition to his role at ZENGER’S, Jason has held leadership roles in the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) and Affiliated Distributors.Jason and his wife, Amanda, live in Chicago with 4 little Zengers. Jason and his family are active in their church where they work to benefit the City of Chicago.

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Kaleb Mertz

Kaleb is a computer engineer for CONTENT PLATFORM and his job is to integrate technology together with the customer experience. He is responsible for website development, website design, technical search engine optimization, and other technology integrations. He is also in charge of formatting and publishing all articles on CONTENT PLATFORM. Kaleb is enthusiastic about technology and the manufacturing industry, so he loves that his job within CONTENT PLATFORM integrates both of those passions together!

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Crystal Meyer

Crystal has been surrounded by manufacturing her entire life. She grew up in a small family-owned, manufacturing business that was founded by her grandfather. These deep roots in the industrial space have inspired her to set a new standard for marketers within the manufacturing and engineering industries.

Her passion for marketing and advertising started at UW-Whitewater, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Advertising. After graduation, she started her marketing career in manufacturing—it wasn’t long before she decided to pursue further education through the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Mechanical Engineering program at Rock Valley College (RVC).

Since her start at RVC, Crystal has completed studies in metrology, materials and processes, and SolidWorks to better accommodate the minds she is marketing to. She has also earned certifications in various Adobe programs, the Hubspot CRM system, and SolidWorks, setting her apart from other technical marketers within the manufacturing industry.

Crystal is an active member of Women of Today’s Manufacturing (WOTM) and the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) where she hopes to expand her relationships with industry thought leaders as well as her own knowledge within the manufacturing space.

At MakingChips, Crystal is the visual artist, creative communicator, voice of the engineer, and design thinker. With a distinct eye for design, she continues to elevate the brand’s identity through compelling and influential layouts, print designs, and photorealistic renderings.

Crystal lives in the Rockford area with her boyfriend, Mitchel, and their puppy, Skye. She enjoys traveling around the United States to visit family in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Los Angeles areas. She spends the majority of her free time on her mountain bike with Mitchel and his family—whether it be at the local Rock Cut State Park or competing in races across the Midwest. Say hi to Crystal on Twitter at @c_meyer12!

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Meaghan Ziemba

Meaghan started writing about manufacturing and technology back in 2008. She worked as an associate editor for a trade publication that focused on product development and design after she received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Professional and Technical Writing.
In 2015, she received her MA in Professional and Technical Writing and decided to switch industries from manufacturing to higher education. As the marketing and communications manager for enrollment at Beloit College, Meaghan was introduced to content marketing. She responsible for creating and editing a variety of enrollment content, overseeing the marketing editorial calendar, managing social media channels, and contributing to the College’s alumni publication.
Missing the excitement of manufacturing, Meaghan returned to the industry as the senior content editor and marketing communications manager for an Illinois bearing company that also focused on additive manufacturing.
Currently, she serves as the community manager and content creator for MakingChips. Her passion for great narratives, combined with her communication and social skills, allows her to connect with various industry leaders and share their brand stories through compelling content.
Meaghan is a proud police wife and mother of three. She has a mild addiction to coffee, dark chocolate, and cake. She and her husband, Kyle, enjoy CrossFit, traveling, and going on small adventures with their kids and extended family when they’re not busy at work.
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