Corey Koepnick of BadassMachinists and Aeroknox at IMTS 2018 with MakingChips

Corey Koepnick

Owner and Operator of BadassMachinists and Aeroknox

My name is Corey Koepnick and I am from Austin, Texas. I am the owner and operator of BadassMachinists and Aeroknox. I am a one man operation, and have been open now for 1 year. With Aeroknox, I specialize in high end, unique weapons designs, and you will soon see some of my work popping up on the big screen in a few big movies coming soon. On the Badassmachinists side, I built a social platform to give exposure to great machinists around the world. Displaying their work and sharing tips and tricks for better manufacturing/machining. 100% organically grown, we have become the largest machining page on the planet, and still growing rapidly. My goal is to shed a positive, and “cool” light on the machining industry. Giving other machinists and future machinists a platform to hone their skills and show off their work.


Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers

Growing a metalworking brand with social media is a mixture of art and science. For many manufacturers, social media is nothing more than a distraction, but savvy brands understand how to leverage social platforms to build authentic connections that drive tangible business results.

Learn the tips and tactics used by the most prolific social influencers in the metalworking community at noon on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 on the main stage of the grand concourse.


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