Dietmar Goellner of AME at the IMTS 2018 with MakingChips

Dietmar Goellner

CEO at AME & Hennig

Dietmar immigrated from Germany in 1958 at 2 years of age. His father founded the Advanced Machine & Engineering in 1966. After working in the shop throughout high school, Dietmar obtained his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois, and his MBA from Rockford University.

Dietmar serves as the President, CEO, and co-owner of Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. and Hennig Inc. AME specializes in Machine Tool Design, Workholding Systems, and Metal Cutting Solutions. Hennig is a global manufacturer of Machine Protection Systems, Conveyors and Filtration Systems, and Enclosures and Facility Safety Equipment. He knows a thing or two about making chips.

Dietmar leads the global family business by his Christian values, setting an example as the baton passes to the third generation. He is a passionate activist for U.S. manufacturing with multiple investments in the manufacturing field. He is also an investor in the restaurant business where he enjoys fine dining with family & friends.


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Listen in at noon on Thursday September 13 on the main stage of the grand concourse, as four of your peers share their experiences.


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