Jess Giudici

Jess Giudici

Manager of Talent & Culture – Smalley Steel Ring Company

Jess began her career over 10 years ago in recruitment, and has seen her career progress with current responsibilities encompassing organizational development. In her current position with Smalley, Jess is responsible for managing talent and recruitment efforts, as well as the organization’s culture initiatives, which includes: training, onboarding, engagement, and retention. She has a passion for educating future generations on manufacturing careers, while teaching current leaders how to develop, motivate, and inspire their teams.

Jess is heavily involved in the manufacturing community, serving on the TMA Education Foundation Board of Directors and MECC committee. She holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Master’s in Communications.


What are we doing to educate and onboard the next generation of manufacturing leaders?

Eighty-four percent of manufacturing executives agree – there’s a massive talent shortage in U.S. Manufacturing. If the skills gap is our biggest challenge, what are we doing as a community of manufacturing leaders to educate and onboard the next generation?

Join us at noon on Monday, September 10, 2018  on the main stage of the grand concourse as we bring together a diverse panel of the best and brightest minds to brainstorm the different ways we can inspire our future colleagues and solve this massive challenge.


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