Titan Gilroy at IMTS 2018 with MakingChips on the Grand Councourse Mainstage - Monday at noon

Titan Gilroy


TITAN’s story is one of extraordinary circumstances. He has lived a life of homelessness on the beaches of Maui, spent time behind bars, and fought for the chance to build his own CNC machine shop. TITAN shared his story of hope and perseverance with a National Television Audience. Then, in the third season of the show, his life took another incredible turn. TITAN went into San Quentin Prison, built an Elite CNC Academy, and flipped rehabilitation on its head. It was because of this experience that TITAN developed the FREE TITANS of CNC: Academy Curriculum, which has wide implementation in diverse training applications. Educational Institutions, Prison Rehabilitation, Workforce Development, Company Training, Trade Schools, Private User Groups, Personal Learning, and many more have advanced their programs because of the TITANS of CNC: Academy.

Today, TITAN is not only an expert in CNC Machining but he has become the world’s leading advocate for the future of Manufacturing Education.


What are we doing to educate and onboard the next generation of manufacturing leaders?

Eighty-four percent of manufacturing executives agree – there’s a massive talent shortage in U.S. Manufacturing. If the skills gap is our biggest challenge, what are we doing as a community of manufacturing leaders to educate and onboard the next generation?

Join us at noon on Monday, September 10, 2018 on the main stage of the grand concourse as we bring together a diverse panel of the best and brightest minds to brainstorm the different ways we can inspire our future colleagues and solve this massive challenge.


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