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The MakingChips Podcast

Episode 87 | Leadership, Technology

Series: IMTS Live - 2016 Guests: Ray Ziganto

On today’s episode of MakingChips, we welcome back our good friend Ray Ziganto, President of Bi-Link, to the show. Bi-Link is a global mechanical component supplier that specializes in Stamping, Injection Molding, Die Cut, EMI/RFI Shielding, and  Assembly. Today’s topics of discussion include advancements in manufacturing technology, 3D measurement systems & scanners, and IMTS “Orphans”. Later on

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Episode 22 | Leadership, Growth

Guests: Julie Poulos, Ray Ziganto

Manufacturing leaders know what they do because they do it every day. But how do you communicate your areas of specialty and expertise in a concise, powerful way so that your prospective clients are able to get it right off? That’s what a corporate snapshot is for. In this episode of Making Chips, Jim and Jason

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Episode 18 | Leadership, Community

Guests: Ray Ziganto

In this episode, we interview Ray Ziganto, who created a new concept called “The Hardware Store” for reaching his customers by being innovative, thinking outside the box and finding the Alpha Engineer. Your first place is your home. Your second place is the workplace. The “third place” is another location that connects you into a

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Episode 16 | Leadership, Workforce, Community

Guests: Ray Ziganto, Dave Szczupak, Jim Schultz, Cary Wood, David Boulay

In this episode we pack 5 VIP guests into one MakingChips episode.  We start with Ray Ziganto, President of Bi-Link, a global manufacturing company with 1,500 employees, sharing his take-aways from the Crain’s Manufacturing Summit.  We want you to ask yourself these 3 questions: Are you on the “leading-edge”? Are you re-thinking the education of your workforce? Are you

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