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What is keeping YOU up at night?

Episode 222 | Leadership Workforce

Are there any positives in this pandemic? With social distancing, working from home, schools and businesses closing, and travel being restricted, the physical and psychological impact of COVID-19 is hitting us all.

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Episode 221 | Leadership Workforce

In this week's MakingChips podcast, hosts Jim Carr, and Nick Goellner discuss the impact of today’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and consider its effect on the manufacturing industry, future investors, travel and much more.

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Episode 220 | Leadership Growth

When the family members running the family business comprise everyone from seasoned octogenarians to fresh-faced millennials, challenges arise that are not necessarily talked about in other industries.

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Episode 219 | Leadership Workforce

As business leaders, the way we respond to unforeseen issues and crises can put a spotlight on both strengths and vulnerabilities within our corporate practices, culture, and personal character. 

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Episode 218 | Leadership


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Episode 217 | Leadership

Has anyone ever called you a control freak? Do you have trouble sharing responsibility? Is your inability to delegate holding back your potential?

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Episode 216 | Workforce

What exactly is the multiplier effect? How does manufacturing positively impact the economy and our communities? What makes manufacturing and other “creation industries” different from service industries? 

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Episode 215 | Leadership

Remember what it was like as a kid visiting Disney’s Tomorrowland for the first time? Imagine that same feeling, only now it’s a factory floor featuring some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. This week’s guest on

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Episode 214 | Leadership

Sustainable growth for today’s manufacturing leader has as much to do with company values as it does with the value of your company. As industry leaders, setting meaningful personal and professional goals assure strong culture, inspire innovation

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Episode 213 | Leadership Growth

What’s the one question to ask before making any investment decision? As leaders in the industry we are dedicated to growth, yet with quality manufacturing relying so heavily on process, it often seems safer to keep doing things the way we always

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Episode 212 | Leadership

  A team of leaders who are not united will never reach their potential.  On today’s episode of MakingChips, the guys discuss the importance of team health after Jason Zenger shares an exercise he does with his leadership team at ZENGERS.  This

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Episode 211 | Process Technology

Quality management in the manufacturing industry should be high on your list of priorities. Carr Machine & Tool is going through the auditing process with ProShop ERP to prepare for the AS9100 certification they’d like to obtain. In this episode of

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