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6 Communications Tools for the Manufacturing Leader

Tags: Published On: Apr 7, 2021 11:19:28 AM

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, hosts Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger discuss 6 Communications Tools for the Manufacturing Leader.

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  • 0:57 | Nick and Jason discuss how a Manufacturer Leader can learn how to better communicate

  • 4:39 | Nick shares Manufacturing News from an article by Jay Timmons, President and CEO of NAM (National Association for Manufacturers) regarding tax reform and investment incentives for manufacturers

  • 12:25 | Jason recommends the book "Crucial Conversations"

  • 15:43 | Jason talks people, culture, numbers and ProShop ERP - Can get data in real time

  • 16:47 | Nick shares the first tool RACI chart (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)

  • 19:53 | Approval Drawing Review (Approval Review meeting)

  • 23:17 | PCP Program (Premiere Channel Partner Program) 

  • 25:12 | BrandScript (StoryBrand) Help companies tell coherent stories

  • 28:05 | PSM (Process Success Map) - Making your customers successful

  • 30:16 | VOC Program (Voice of the Customer/Client program)

  • 32:83 | Jason offers his final thoughts on the episode


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