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A Year With No Manufacturing Trade Shows


A year without IMTS, FabTech, etc. have you wondering what comes next for industry trade shows? In this episode, Jim, Jason, and Nick talk all about the year without trade shows. They cover everything from attendees to exhibitors and ways you can still market yourself without using large trade shows.

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  • The podcast talks IMTS and trade shows during COVID 1:02
  • Jim shares his good news… a new HAAS on the shop floor 3:18
  • Jim shares manufacturing news… Second quarter GDP plunges 5:10
  • Jason introduces this week’s topic: Why you go to trade shows 9:20
  • Going to trade shows to see new technology 10:03
  • Nicks talks about translating into the digital market 13:40
  • Jason asks, is losing IMTS a gain or a loss for your business? 14:39
  • Alternatives to trade shows: smaller shows and digital spaces 16:00
  • Finding the missing social connection that shows provide 19:51
  • Going to trade shows to buy and sell 22:43
  • Jason asks, what’s the alternative to selling at a trade show? 23:46
  • Are trade shows here for the long haul? The hosts perspectives 27:38
  • Chiptober Fest! Come join us 30:55

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