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Are Sleepy Leaders Better Leaders? 335

Tags: Published On: Nov 15, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Do you lay in bed and think about work and show up in the morning exhausted? Guess what—sleepy leaders are NOT better leaders. I’m going to share why I think that and how manufacturing leaders can get higher-quality shut-eye in this episode of MakingChips. Because if you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s like being drunk on the job. And if you’re drunk, you’re certainly not MakingChips, and you’re not making money. BAM!

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  • [3:40] What’s happening in our businesses

  • [6:24] What’s keeping you up at night? 

  • [8:05 Why sleep is important to your overall health

  • [13:18] My tips to help you achieve better sleep

  • [23:42] Jim’s tips to help you sleep at night 

  • [29:16] Some tips that experts recommend 

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