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Beware of the Looming Recession, #289

Tags: Published On: Nov 8, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Nick jokes that I have a recession obsession—and it’s true. Recessions are painful. I want to make the experience less painful when a recession comes around again. So in this down-to-earth episode of Making Chips, I’ll share the common causes of most recessions and 8 tips you can use to prepare yourself—and your business—for a recession. Preparedness is key to helping your business survive and thrive. Because after all, if you’re not making chips, you’re not making money. BAM!

– Jim

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  • [0:43] Check out ProShop ERP for manufacturing software!

  • [2:53] Shoutout to everyone involved with the research project with Xometry 

  • [5:11] The reasons why Carr Machine & Tool is thriving

  • [9:38] Manufacturing News: Hertz bought 100,000 Teslas

  • [12:18] What’s new in Jason and Nick’s worlds

  • [14:43] Accelerate your digital transformation with Xometry

  • [15:53] Be smart with the buying decisions that you make

  • [21:55] Learn about the common causes of recessions

  • [24:39] 8 tIps to prepare yourself for a recession

  • [28:28] Learn about Amper Technologies machine monitoring systems

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