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Building a Lean Culture Through Strategic Leadership Part 1, 374

Tags: Published On: Sep 12, 2023 12:00:00 PM

What is your definition of lean manufacturing? One definition of lean is “Maximizing the flow of value through your business to your customer.” We all want our business to be customer-centric, right? It’s a given that we all want to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

But how do you do that? On this episode of MakingChips, we recorded a live panel discussion at TSMA with special guests Doug Bawel, Femi D-Etti, and Jake Ward. Each of them shares how they’re finding unique ways to build a lean culture through strategic leadership. 

Because if you’re not implementing a lean culture, you’re not MakingChips efficiently, and if you’re not MakingChips, you’re not making money. BAM!

– Nick

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  • [2:50] What does lean manufacturing mean?
  • [7:09] Introducing Doug Bawel, Femi D-Etti, and Jake Ward
  • [14:50] The most important factor when introducing lean into your culture
  • [22:33] How to use gamification to move your teams toward a goal

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