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Cabernet, Coffee and Cancer: A Family Story, Ep #279

Tags: Published On: Aug 18, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Part of being a machine shop owner—and a business owner in general—is that every day there’s a new challenge to navigate. A machine might break down. Perhaps someone who has been a team member for decades quits. Your factory could burn to the ground. Or your Dad—the owner and manager of the shop—gets sick with cancer. That’s how Nick Sainati was thrust into becoming the GM of Belden Universal. In this episode, he shares his journey. It will resonate with some of us, fascinate most of us, and impress all of us. Don’t miss this inspiring family story!

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  • [0:26] Amper Technologies machine monitoring systems

  • [6:24] Dealing with supply chain issues caused by COVID

  • [8:09] Fun facts about family-owned businesses

  • [14:07] Create a Formal Business Succession Plan in 7 Steps

  • [16:52] Today's guest: Nick Sainati, GM at Belden Universal 

  • [24:00] Check out ProShop ERP for more information on manufacturing software!

  • [27:42] When everything changed: How Nick took over his Dad’s machine shop

  • [40:10] Managing a machine shop through COVID

  • [44:35] What the future looks like for Belden Universal

  • [46:32] How Nick’s experiences have prepared him for the future

  • [48:42] Accelerate your digital transformation with Xometry

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