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Do I Need a Designer for My Shop Floor? Ep #282

I wanted to differentiate myself among other machine shops in the area with the new Carr Machine & Tool location. The shop floor is where we make our money. I took extra steps in the process to create a new image for my shop. I wanted to present it in a way that was sophisticated, high-tech, polished, and professional—while remaining efficient. 


That’s where IMEC came in. I reached out to them for some technical collaboration to help design an efficient shop floor. I worked with both Dean Harms and Tim Maurer and it was an amazing experience. So in this episode of Making Chips, I’m sharing what the collaboration and design process looked like with IMEC.

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  • [0:24] Check out ProShop ERP for more information on manufacturing software!

  • [2:46] Why I chose the new Carr Machine & Tool location

  • [4:17] What’s happening at ZENGERS?

  • [6:19] Why investing in your business is important 

  • [10:32] President Biden Announces Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

  • [12:55] The process of designing a new facility with IMEC 

  • [15:10] What IMEC (the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center) is all about

  • [19:16] Amper Technologies machine monitoring systems

  • [19:59] How the infrastructure bill will be distributed to MEPs

  • [25:43] My experience working with IMEC to design my shop floor

  • [36:50] Other types of shops IMEC works with

  • [38:55] Accelerate your digital transformation with Xometry

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