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Employee Benefits: Are You Really Benefiting? 325

Tags: Published On: Aug 23, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Does your team know what they’re really getting when you offer employee benefits, such as health insurance and a 401k? In this episode of MakingChips, Jason and I dissect the employee benefits we offer at Carr Machine & Tool. When we calculate what we’re investing in our employees, the number is shocking. Learn just how valuable offering employee benefits can be in this episode! After all, you have to incentivize your employees to make chips, so you’re making money! BAM!

– Jim

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  • [1:55] Employee benefits: Are you benefiting? 

  • [3:47] The definition of employee benefits

  • [6:35] Why employee benefits are important

  • [9:21] Manufacturing news: Rivian laying off 6% of workforce

  • [13:38] Breaking down the cost of employee benefits

  • [24:05] Why benefits outweigh a higher hourly wage

  • [29:48] Carr Machine & Tool and ZENGERS are hiring!

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