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Finding Solutions to the Supply Chain Chaos, #293

Tags: Published On: Dec 6, 2021 12:00:00 PM

What is the root cause of the supply chain crisis? How can manufacturing businesses mitigate those risks and find realistic solutions that work in the short and long term? Tom Hilaris—the President & CEO of Ergoseal—joins us to share the three things they focus on: risk mitigation, communication, and culture. In this episode of Making Chips we offer real, practical solutions your business can implement to overcome the supply chain chaos. Because—after all—if you’re not making chips, you’re not making money! BAM!

– Jason

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  • [1:10] Material lead times and pricing

  • [5:10] What’s happening at Carr Machine & Tool

  • [7:07] Manufacturing news related to supply chain issues

  • [14:39] Learn more about our guest—Tom Hilaris

  • [17:16] Step #1: Implementing risk mitigation

  • [19:46] Managing pricing with redundancy of sourcing

  • [22:58] Step #2: Communicating with your customers is imperative 

  • [29:12] Elmhurst University Supply Chain Masters Program

  • [32:15] Step #3: A great culture improves outcomes

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