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Episode 168 | Challenges: Community

On this special Thanksgiving episode of MakingChips, the Metalworking Nation shares what they are thankful for. While Jason and Jim usually address the challenging issues that manufacturers deal with, on this episode they step back and make some space to express gratitude for the good things in life. You wrote in and shared what you were thankful for and many of those are read many on the show.

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The struggle is real, but so are the blessings

Jason and Jim kick off the show by sharing the things they are thankful for. While they admit that there are difficulties and struggles in life, they have great perspective to know that in the grand scheme of things, they are blessed. Jim shares how he has learned to make adjustments in life and leadership and the difference that has created. Even small changes can have a huge impact. They also give credit to their wives for their grounding and success.

What would you be doing if not manufacturing?

Consider for a moment what you would’ve done for a career had you not gone into manufacturing? Where would you be if you hadn’t started in this challenging industry? During this episode, Jim and Jason discuss that very question. Listen as they both guess what they think the other would’ve done for a career. Thankfully, both Jim and Jason became leaders in the manufacturing industry and started encouraging and inspiring manufacturing leaders through the MakingChips podcast.

Giving thanks with fellow MakingChips listeners

On this episode, you will hear several members of the metalworking nation share about what they are thankful for. As you listen, take some time to think about how you might give thanks during this Thanksgiving season. Caleb Mertz shares some of the email responses from MakingChips listeners and past guests. While not everyone could be featured, the ones that are shared on the episode are inspiring and encouraging.

The contagious gift of gratitude

One highlight of the episode comes from Steve Zenger, Jason’s dad. He wrote in to share his gratitude for his family and friends. You can hear the emotions and sentiment in his response. There are many other great submissions that include gratitude for co-workers and teams, technology, success in business and family. Listen to hear some great people giving thanks on this episode of MakingChips.

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • Since it is Thanksgiving week, Jim and Jason talk about what they are thankful for
  • The metalworking nation shares what they are thankful for
  • Tina Carnelli, Marketing Manager at MP Systems feels blessed by working with people she likes
  • Bob Petrini, President of Chick Machine Company includes Making Chips in the list of things he is thankful for
  • Steve Zenger, Jason’s dad, shares with MakingChips the things he is thankful for
  • Todd Stukenberg is excited about robots and how they are making manufacturing safer and faster
  • Shaun Bisordi owner/machinist at Rocky’s Wire EDM is thankful for the social community of manufacturers
  • Matthew Guse is thankful to have been on MakingChips earlier this year
  • Michael Pulizzi says he is thankful for his wife

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