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Have You Defined Your Hiring Process? #291

What does your hiring process look like? Do you even have a hiring process in place? In this episode of Making Chips, we walk through what each of our processes look like and share some useful strategies that anyone can implement. A streamlined process leads to better hires which leads to Making Chips! BAM!

– Jason!

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  • [0:30] Check out ProShop ERP for manufacturing software!

  • [3:35] What’s happening in our lives and businesses

  • [6:54] Manufacturing news: A discussion on composite materials

  • [11:44] Shoutout to listeners who’ve left reviews!

  • [14:26] Step #1: It’s all about the setup 

  • [19:10] Step #2: The careers landing page

  • [22:43] Accelerate your digital transformation with Xometry

  • [24:31] Step #3: Screen your candidates 

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