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How Defeat and Success Has Shaped Titan Gilroy, #286

Tags: Published On: Oct 11, 2021 1:46:34 PM

This episode takes you (and us) to Texas to speak with Titan Gilroy. He calls himself an advocate for advanced manufacturing, and that’s a huge understatement. He runs two academies that teach what it takes to be a success in manufacturing. His personal story demonstrates that becoming a success in the industry — individually or as an organization — doesn’t happen overnight or without a significant amount of struggle. We skip the banter and back and forth typical of our episodes because we are so excited to bring you this conversation with Titan. So, without further delay, click the play button and hear what Titan’s got to share. BAM!  

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  • [1:50] Titan Gilroy’s start in CNC machining came through a great deal of hardship

  • [6:30] Moving to California and finding his first opportunity in a shop

  • [10:15] Stepping into his first role in a machine shop and making the most of it

  • [18:10] Moving into a troubleshooter role for large companies, then starting his own shop

  • [22:15] The beginning of Titan Engineering in early 2005

  • [31:15] Raising the bar to eliminate variance and manufacture art for customers

  • [40:35] The 2008-2009 recession hit hard — everything stopped & 15 people had to be let go

  • [46:53] Lessons learned during the economic downturn were exactly what he needed

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