How to be a Change Agent for your Business with Robin Johnson

Episode 231 | Challenges: Leadership

Robin-Johnson1Times are changing and as manufacturing leaders we need to adjust with these times. "In business if we dont change, we don't grow and we don't survive." - Robin Johnson, a change agent, with a passion for helping organizational leaders move their organizations from current to future state joins MakingChips to discuss how to become emotionally intelligent as a leader during these changing times.


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  • Jim and Jason discuss how they are changing and adapting with their businesses through the global pandemic. (1:42)
  • Jason and Jim discuss manufacturing news about the H.R. 6690 Act (5:46)
  • Guest Robin Johnson explains what emotional intelligence is. (13:41) 
  • Robin gives insight on how to use emotional intelligence as a manufacturing leader. (15:33)
  • Robin discusses the importance of having your employees feeling great about wanting to work for your business. (20:45)
  • The 16 elements to emotional intelligence. (26:54)
  • Robin and Jim discuss how to help nurture your employees to accept change. (28:18)
  • The types of leaders you should look for to help grow your business. (34:35)
  • Robin shares insight on how she got into change and development. 

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