How to Get Your Sales Management in Order

Episode 232 | Challenges: Leadership

NickGWhen it comes to managing a sales team, it’s important not to confuse efforts with results. In this episode, co-host Nick Goellner draws on his experience as AME Sales & Marketing Director  to discuss key sales results and metrics as they relate to manufacturing sales team management, customer service, and marketing efforts.


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  • Co-host Jim Carr discusses what is keeping him positive at work right now. (1:37)
  • Nick gives a Boring Bar update, announcing staff changes and new employment opportunities. (2:37)
  • Co-host Jason Zenger gives a business update and introduces the topic of journalistic integrity. (4:49)
  • The guys discuss this week’s manufacturing news regarding U.S. manufacturing hitting a 14-month high. (8:47)
  • The guys introduce this week’s topic of sales and the impact it has on manufacturing businesses and how sales are managed at each business
  • Nick explains his four types of sales management: territory, account, opportunity, call; and defines sales force enablement and how it can improve a team. (16:32)
  • Nick provides details on the types of sales meetings he uses, including the frequency, order of operations, and desired outcomes. (20:19)
  • The guys discuss utilizing the CRM (22:20) 
  • Nick explains the difference between group vs one-on-one meetings at AME and provides details about performance criteria including: new business development, key account management, brand building. (29:33)
  • Nick defines his expectations of what it means to be a brand builder and explains how he evaluates his sales team, including factors he uses to adjust compensation. (36:40)

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