How to Use Lean Manufacturing Concepts to Connect Marketing Strategy with Execution

Episode 240 | Challenges: Leadership

This week on the MakingChips podcast, Host Nick Goellner, Jim Carr, and Jason Zenger discuss the Agile Marketing Process and how to have a marketing program in place that allows you to pivot when the time comes!

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  • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (6:12)
  • What is ProShop?: (10:40)
  • What great marketing is and what great marketing isn't. (16:05)
  • GPCT Workshop: Goals.Plans.Challenges.Timelines. (19:10)
  • Begin with the end in mind—start creating vision backlogs. (20:55)
  • Keys to success: Prioritize, Protect your sprints, Pull don't push, Park. (29:45)
  • 4 keywords for meetings: Daily stand up, Plan, Review, Reflect. (35:15)
  • How does a marketing program work for a small job shop? (37:42) 
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