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What the Great Resignation Means for Manufacturing, #295

Tags: Published On: Dec 20, 2021 12:00:00 PM

The “Great Resignation” as it’s been called, has created a wide variety of circumstances that have impacted the American workforce. 55% of workers making under $30K/year say they will be looking for a new job soon. Has this impacted manufacturing? If so, what can we do as manufacturing leaders to mitigate the impact? This episode focuses on what leaders can and should be doing to build the kind of loyalty that will sustain their companies and provide a culture and experience for team members that is “sticky,” keeping them around for years to come. 



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  • 0:08 | Amper Technologies pilot program for machine monitoring

  • 1:21 | Jason introduces manufacturing cybersecurity as the topic of the episode

  • 4:57 | Jim and Jason talk about what’s new at their businesses

  • 5:28 | Jason introduces the episode guest: Federico Sciammarella, the President & CTO of MxD

  • 6:52 | Jason discusses manufacturing news, including a press release on the FBI’s internet crime report

  • 10:17 | Jason explains Business Email Compromise, a type of phishing attack

  • 12:21 | The hosts mention another type of cyber attack, Ransomware

  • 13:52 | Jason mentions Malware attacks due to malicious software and brute force attacks

  • 15:44 | The hosts and Federico discuss how to avoid and prevent coming under cyber attack

  • 17:40 | ProShop ERP is being used in shops across the country

  • 20:46 | Federico shares advice on how to avoid ransomware and how to prepare your business for potential cyber attacks

  • 25:31 | Federico explains how MxD helps strengthen cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry

  • 30:18 | Jason asks what a manufacturing leader can do to create a strategic plan to prevent cyber attacks

  • 34:16 | The hosts share their thoughts on the new information they learned during the episode

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