IMTS2018 Wrap Up with Larry Turner and Peter Eelman

Episode 166 | Challenges: Community

Welcome to the MakingChips IMTS2018 wrap up podcast, recorded live from the final day of the show with guests Larry Turner, President and CEO of Hannover Fairs USA and Peter Eelman, Vice President of Exhibitions & Business Development at AMT. After a long and exciting week, Jim and Jason reflect on some of the trends and themes that emerged from the show and discuss some of the takeaways for manufacturing leaders. IMTS2018 proved that it is an exciting time to be in the manufacturing industry.

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IMTS’ commitment to the next generation

The future of manufacturing lies in the hands of young men and women who have not even graduated high school yet. Investment in next generation leaders is critical to seeing continued success in the manufacturing world. IMTS2018 displayed its commitment to students this year, drawing over 20,000 student registrations. The entire lower level of the C hall was devoted to students, including exhibit space and conference rooms. Students are increasingly interested in the unique machinery and technology that makes up modern manufacturing.

How IMTS broke the record

This year, there were over 130,000 registered attendees, an all-time record for IMTS. Why did so many people come to this event? Even though manufacturing is challenging, it is also seeing unprecedented growth. IMTS is capitalizing on the momentum that the rapid growth and change of the industry is ushering in. Peter Eelman describes how he sees the industry changing and how that change is having a positive impact on manufacturing in the United States.

The manufacturing atmosphere is changing

Upon reflection, IMTS proved to be a great representation of manufacturing as a whole. There was an excitement and energy at this year’s show that is prevalent throughout the entire industry. Peter Eelman believes that there is a sea change in attitude and culture. He says, “There is going to be continued growth in U.S. manufacturing. There is a desire to make things locally and closer to home.” He also thinks that shows like IMTS will stem the tide in the skills gap and will continue to foster interest in the industry.

We are just getting started

IMTS is meant to serve as a catalyst for manufacturing leaders. The real work begins when you get back home and start building a strategy for how to implement necessary adjustments for future growth. Both Peter Eelman and Larry Turner encourage manufacturing leaders to focus on learning. Mobilize your team to learn as much about the technology and opportunities on the horizon so that you can start implementing changes effectively.

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • Introduction of Larry Tuner, President & CEO of Hanover Fairs Inc, and Peter Eelman, Vice President - Exhibitions & Business Development at AMT -The Association for Manufacturing Technology
  • With over 130,000 attendees at IMTS, Peter Eelman describes what it means both to him and the manufacturing industry
  • The theme of IMTS and how it was seen throughout the show
  • What do metalworking leaders need to do to educate students on the opportunities in manufacturing?
  • Will the skills gap increase or decrease in the next 24 months?
  • How a culture of collaboration is emerging in the manufacturing industry
  • What is one actionable step that manufacturers can take when they go back to work after IMTS

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