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Keeping the Culture High in a Virtual World, 302

Tags: Published On: Feb 21, 2022 12:00:00 PM

How do you keep corporate culture alive when your workforce is completely remote? How do you focus your company on your values, mission, and goals? When a thriving company culture is crucial to retaining your employees, it can’t be neglected. We dissect this problem we’re facing because of the COVID pandemic—and 6 possible ways to promote and maintain your unique company culture—in this episode of MakingChips. 

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  • [2:11] How remote work impacts company culture

  • [4:57] What is corporate culture? 

  • [6:27] What’s happening in our worlds

  • [8:09] Celebrating our 50th Anniversary our way

  • [10:05] Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

  • [15:20] Corporate culture in a virtual world

  • [18:23] Tip #1: Populate your social stream

  • [20:38] Tip #2: Start a virtual club

  • [21:34] Tip #3: Embrace video calls

  • [25:40] Tip #4: Gamify your platform

  • [26:56] Tip #5: Create an expert’s area

  • [28:27] Tip #6: Keep your company mission alive

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