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Lights Out: Training Machinists with an Automation Mindset with Titan Gilroy, 354

Tags: Published On: Apr 10, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Lights out manufacturing isn’t only a large topic of conversation but it’s also the way of the future. Shops around the world are embracing automation. Are you? If you haven’t become part of the automation conversation, don’t miss our first lights-out-focused episode with Special guest Titan Gilroy. He shares how automation has progressed, the mindset you need to embrace to be successful, and how to mitigate the risks. Because if you’re not automating, you’re not MakingChips. And if you’re not MakingChips, you’re not making money. BAM!

– Jason

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  • [0:10] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop
  • [2:08] Manufacturing news: OK, Mexico, Save Me
  • [7:09] How automation technology has progressed 
  • [9:49] The use of robots in automation
  • [11:38] Will robots replace machinists?
  • [15:51] The Industrial Buying Engine with Thomasnet™
  • [16:23] Check out the Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • [22:57] How to mitigate the risks of lights-out manufacturing 
  • [27:20] If you don’t automate, you’ll get left behind
  • [28:30] What’s next for Titans of CNC and automation?
  • [31:53] How automation is different around the world
  • [36:00] There is a place for everyone in manufacturing

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