Losing a Manufacturing Leader

Episode 230 | Challenges: Leadership

In business and in life we all experience pain we can’t control. Jim Carr reflects on the recent death of his parents and gives practical advice on how business leaders can prepare for personal loss and grief.


  • Jason Zenger talks about the recent trend of companies coming back to ZENGER’S from large national integrators and discusses the value of high-level customer service. (3:20)
  • Jason and Jim discuss manufacturing news about how the Reshoring Initiative aims to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. (5:15)
  • Jim discusses multi-generational machine shops and the importance of mitigating a personal and professional plan for when a leader passes on. (13:30)
  • Jason and Jim discuss the role of open communication in succession planning and the value of hiring of outside professionals to help. (18:10)
  • Jim discusses the importance of creating a trust to avoid probate and insulate assets from creditors. (24:30)
  • Jim answers Jason’s questions about the most valuable lessons he learned from his father. (28:30)
  • Jim discusses the evolution of leadership styles from his father’s generation to now and explains how creating core values and adapting to modern business practices has helped him navigate succession and loss. (32:15)


Mentioned on the Show:

Don’t Give Up on Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S. (article)

Bellicose Rhetoric (definition)

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