Listen In: MakingChips as Guest Speakers at DMG MORI National Sales Meeting

Episode 247 | Challenges: Community Process Technology

In this week's episode, we share our experience as guest speakers at DMG Mori's sales conference this year. We touched base on the evolving sales process during COVID, how DMG really sells, and what old school techniques you can implement in today's new normal.

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  • 0:00 | Nick tells the metalworking nation about Xometry.

  • 3:53 |  DMG MORI's team announces keynote speakers - MakingChips

  • 5:17 | Nick discusses the sales challenges brought on by COVID and how his team has adapted to overcome them

  • 7:10 | DMG's area sales manager talks about how they've adapted to the closed doors

  • 11:01 | Nick asks DMG MORI "How does your customer buy?"

  • 20:14 | Jason talks about cultivating relationships and avoiding going silent 

  • 31:50 | Jim goes over old school sales tips in the new "not normal" world

  • 39:21 | A new way to make "cold calling" work again

  • 44:24 | Jason and Jim talk to Marty from Autodesk to talk about what they're doing with IMTS Spark

  • 49:31 | Q&A with MakingChips and DMG MORI

  • 1:09:00 | Jim and Jason discuss how ProShop ERP grades vendors.


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