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MakingSparks: Part 1: Embracing Culture to Recruit Top Talent in Fabrication and Manufacturing, 380

Tags: Published On: Nov 1, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Most mom-and-pop shops don’t have to worry about recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent until they decide they want to grow. When you find yourself needing to recruit and hire talent, where do you start? Start with your core values.

Your company needs core values and a clear mission and vision to hire the right people, build the right culture, and retain your team long-term. Lindsey Nix and Angela Kirlin weigh in on what it takes to recruit top talent in this episode of MakingSparks.

– Matthew Nix

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  • [1:10] Introducing Lindsey Nix and Angela Kirlin
  • [2:30] Casey’s dad joke of the day
  • [4:02] Hiring and recruiting in the beginning
  • [6:37] Sign up for a Thomas™ program!
  • [9:38] How Angela learned the culture
  • [12:18] Spark of Knowledge: Core Values
  • [13:38] Angela’s role encompasses retention 
  • [15:35] Recruiting women in fabrication 
  • [18:15] Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security 
  • [17:23] The importance of core values 
  • [28:23] Join the AMT community

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