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MakingSparks: Part 2: Tactics and Strategies to Use for Recruiting in Manufacturing, 381

Tags: Published On: Nov 8, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Recruiting in manufacturing can be difficult. Many students are taught the traditional “Graduate high school and go to college for four years” mentality. While there’s nothing wrong with taking that route, how do we capture the attention of young talent? How do we make them see the career trajectory available in welding or fabrication? Lindsey Nix and Angela Kirlin share some actionable tactics and strategies in this episode of MakingSparks!

– Matthew Nix 

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  • [1:13] Lindsey’s dad joke
  • [2:35] Create a Thomas™ profile
  • [5:02] The internship programs at Nix Companies
  • [9:53] Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security
  • [12:21] How Nix is investing in recruiting 
  • [15:57] The benefits of video marketing 
  • [19:54] Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security
  • [23:13] Spark of Knowledge: Try candidate tryouts
  • [24:16] Leverage social media for recruiting
  • [31:22] Now trending: work/life balance
  • [34:23] Show children different career options
  • [36:34] Register for IMTS 2024
  • [37:42] Be authentic and consistent

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