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MakingSparks: Why Should a Manufacturing Leader Come to FabTech? 382

Tags: Published On: Nov 14, 2023 12:00:00 PM

What is FabTech? Why should anyone in welding, fabrication, metal forming, or finishing attend FabTech? They not only hold seminars and have booths and exhibitors to visit. You won’t only learn about trends in technology and meet with potential suppliers. Most importantly, you’ll be able to network. In this episode of MakingSparks recorded live at FabTech 2023, we interview a couple of people we met at FabTech whose careers were positively impacted because they showed up. Don’t miss it.

– Matthew Nix

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  • [1:16] Why you should go to FabTech
  • [2:35] Netsuite by Oracle
  • [4:06] Networking opportunities at FabTech
  • [6:13] Casey’s dad joke 
  • [7:04] FabTech will help rejuvenate you 
  • [11:38] What stood out at FabTech 2023
  • [13:38] Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security
  • [16:27] Spark of Knowledge: Use a CRM 
  • [17:49] Stephanie Hoffman with the AWS
  • [22:39] Learn more about
  • [27:32] Check out Thomas™ services

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