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Manufacturing a Successful Business and Marriage, 334

Tags: Published On: Nov 8, 2022 12:00:00 PM

I met Jamie and Lee Marzilli at ProShop ERP’s happy hour event while we were at IMTS 2022. When I heard how they founded and grew a machine shop as a married couple, I knew we needed to have them as guests on MakingChips. So in this episode, Jamie and Lee share their background in machining and how they built Marzilli Machine from the ground up. Don’t miss hearing about their grassroots success story! 

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  • [2:35] A husband and wife team on MakingChips!

  • [5:31] The definition of teamwork (makes the dream work)

  • [6:05] Recruiting and hiring in our businesses

  • [9:12] The Hawkeye Community College visit

  • [10:30] How rising inflation impacts manufacturing

  • [14:37] Introducing Jamie and Lee Marzilli

  • [16:37] How Jamie got started in manufacturing

  • [24:01] Jamie’s temporary stint selling cars

  • [28:05] How Jamie and Lee started their shop

  • [34:40] Navigating a business and a marriage

  • [39:06] The vision for the future of Marzilli Machine

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