Manufacturing Creates Careers

Episode 228 | Challenges: Workforce

Manufacturing Creates Careers

Guest Steve Schubert, Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., talks with co-hosts Jim Carr, Nick Goellner, and Jason Zenger about his rise from high school apprentice to a manufacturing industry leader and provides advice and perspective on recruiting and training the next generation of manufacturers.


  • Jason provides a positive outlook on business-related changes prompted by COVID-19 (2:10)
  • Nick introduces manufacturing news about a recent drop in Europe’s automotive industry sales (4:05)
  • Guest Steve Schubert explains how he first got involved in manufacturing (10:00)
  • Steve discusses his experience with formal apprenticeship and gives some thoughts on alternative educational opportunities and what it will take to build future manufacturing leaders (21:00)
  • Steve gives insight into recruitment and discusses specific sources for finding future employees  (28:00)
  • Jason and Jim discuss whether or not it is the company’s responsibility to teach soft skills (33:00)
  • Steve provides advice on how small companies can benefit from apprenticeship programs and gives final thoughts on the benefits of a career in manufacturing (36:00)
  • Jim, Nick, and Jason provide final takeaways (42:00)

Mentioned on the show:

Rock River Valley Tooling and Machining Association

German Precision Tool Industry Projects Decline in Consumption



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