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Our Sales & Marketing Pet Peeves and What to Do Instead, 315

Tags: Published On: Jun 6, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Do you struggle with any pet peeves? We’ve compiled a list of three sales and marketing tactics that people utilize that drive us crazy: misusing lead capture forms, cold calls, and spammy LinkedIn connections. But instead of just complaining about these things, we’re going to share what anyone in sales or marketing should do instead. There’s a right way—and most definitely a wrong way—to do it. Find out which side you’re landing on in this episode of MakingChips!

– Nick

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  • [3:18] Bring a nanny on your vacation

  • [4:15] The good things happening in our lives

  • [5:57] Manufacturing news: Recession Unlikely in 2022

  • [14:30] Things that drive us crazy (other than Jason)

  • [17:30] Pet Peeve #1: Misusing lead capture forms

  • [21:40] Pet Peeve #2: The dreaded cold call

  • [25:15] Pet Peeve #3: Spammy LinkedIn connections

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