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People, Process and Performance (CV Manufacturing Conference), 336

Tags: Published On: Nov 22, 2022 12:00:00 PM

We believe that there are three components to running a great manufacturing company: Peopleprocess, and performance. And properly managing each of these areas will drive the success of your business. In this episode of MakingChips, we moderate a panel at the CV Manufacturing Conference with special guests Mike Allison and Ryan Howard. We cover everything from finding and retaining top talent to achieving and sustaining high-output results. Don’t miss this special edition of the MakingChips podcast!

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  • [1:20] How MakingChips got its start

  • [4:28] Introducing Mike Allison and Ryan Howard

  • [6:42] Strategies to find, hire and retain top talent 

  • [14:05] How manufacturing can make an impact on your family

  • [18:54] How to build on the strengths of your employees

  • [26:32] Using personality tests to identify motivations for employees

  • [30:46] The processes they use to meet customer’s demands

  • [38:50] Key characteristics of a best-in-class supplier

  • [42:20] What Mike and Ryan are doing differently with processes

  • [46:16] How to achieve and sustain high output results

  • [52:06] Using gamification to help motivate employees to level up

  • [57:53] Sharing who’s receiving rewards for excellence in manufacturing

  • [1:01:30] Make sure you actually implement your “open door” policy 

  • [1:04:30] Setting the example for your employees post-Covid

  • [1:11:36] Where to get started with the MakingChips podcast!

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