3 Questions – Your Corporate Vision on a Post It Note

Episode 77 | Challenges: Leadership Process

Where are you going?
Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing (your mission), where you’re trying to go (your vision), and how you’re going to go about it (your values) are the glue that holds an organization together.
On this episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason dive into the subject of corporate vision. Notably, the questions you should be asking yourself when developing your companies vision. In manufacturing news, we discuss signs of a slowdown in auto sales. We also highlight some of the exciting things we will be doing during our highly anticipated Leadership Series.
Episode Structure:
  • [02:11]  Manufacturing News
  • [04:00]  Getaround
  • [05:56]  IMTS 2016
  • [07:54]  Make & Elevate
  • [13:58]  Vision
  • [16:00]  Question 1
  • [19:26]  Question 2
  • [20:43]  Question 3
  • [23:40]  Diversifying
  • [27:20]  Conclusion of Episode
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