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3D Printing in the Modern Job Shop with Jon Baklund

Tags: Published On: May 1, 2015 2:59:23 PM

In this episode, Jason and Jim are chatting with Jon Baklund, a veteran tool and die maker who started in the manufacturing industry when he was 19. His father still works in the shop daily, and his wife works in the business as well - so it’s a true “family” business. His business, Baklund R & D is heavily involved in 3D printing, which is a very intriguing new aspect of the manufacturing industry.

3D printing is a newer technology that is truly going to be a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. It’s one of those things that old-school folks may feel an urge to resist but our advice is to jump on board the train because it’s going to be moving out! Jon Baklund has one 3D printer in his shop, an environmentally controlled device that allows him to make virtually any shape part with any interior shape imaginable. He says you have to “think from the inside-out” when it comes to 3D printing, and we agree.

3D printing machines on the scale Jon uses are pretty pricey - his machine cost his company right around $160,000.00. But he says it’s well worth it. The specialty niche it has enabled him to carve out for himself has been a huge benefit to the company and when others begin to get on board the “3D printing train” he will be one of the veterans in the space.

We wrap up this episode with two “off topic” pieces that should give you some great value: Jon’s approach to the internet and social media activity from a business perspective (he’s great at it, so take some notes)...How Jon and his wife are able to work together day in and day out without problems.

Listen in… you’ll enjoy this episode of Making Chips!

Here’s the outline of the episode

  • Introduction of Jon Baklund.
  • Manufacturing News - The U.S.A. is the “hotspot” for Aerospace manufacturing.
  • A 3D printing overview - from the perspective of an end-user (Jon)
  • How Jon is adding additional services to his company’s 3D printing
  • The cost of materials used in a 3D printing machine - it’s comparatively inexpensive!
  • Typical tolerance levels in 3D printing and how Jon is getting better tolerances through some custom modifications.
  • Thinking from the inside-out in 3D printing.
  • How Jon determines billing for 3D printing jobs.
  • What kind of oversight does a 3D printer require?
  • The importance of an environmentally controlled 3D printer.
  • What is the cost of a good 3D printing machine?
  • Jon’s approach to the internet and social media for business.
  • How Jon and his wife are able to work together day after day in the business.
  • Jim’s summary of his take-aways from this episode.
  • Metalworking Tools - EXPANDABLE COLLET PIN®

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Jon’s website -

The work-holding device Jon has developed -

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[tweetthis]3D printing is the train of the future for manufacturing. Will you get on board?[/tweetthis]

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