5 Drivers of Success From A Manufacturing Startup

Episode 135 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Patricia Miller

Startup" ]Hello Metalworking Nation! We are thrilled at what’s to come in the near future for the MakingChips Podcast. While Jim and Jason are busy implementing the final changes to the new MakingChips, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite episodes from the MakingChips Vault.

On this episode, we will be speaking with Patricia Miller, CEO of Matrix 4, a design and manufacturing house of plastic products based out of Woodstock, IL. Matrix 4 is 40 years old, yet operates with a start-up mentality thanks to Patricia’s progressive leadership.

When we first interviewed Patricia Miller, she was a relative newbie in the business, however in the years following this interview, she has grown Matrix 4 to new heights, redefining the business model, strategy, and culture of the company.

Patricia shares her 5 Points that helped drive the business into the success that it is today.
1) Get Connected
2) Understand Customers
3) Drive Innovation
4) Embrace Change
5) Give Hope

Episode Outline:
[00:01] – IMTS 2018: Register Now!
[03:42] – Get Connected
[05:21] – Connecting with the Manufacturing Community
[08:10] – Understand Customers
[12:14] – Meeting with Customers
[14:21] – The MFG Meeting 2018
[15:31] – Drive Innovation
[16:40] – Embrace Change
[19:04] – Shaking Up the Status Quo
[20:56] – Changing Culture
[23:55] – Facing Roadblocks
[27:30] – Next Stages

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Matrix 4

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